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How It Works

You Select Your Meal Plan

Choose which meal plan bests aligns with your nutritional goals.  Then choose how many meals a week you would like to receive. 

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We Prepare the Meals

Your meals are prepared fresh by our Owner/Chef.  She ensures that all meals are made fresh and to the NutriPrep standards of deliciousness.

Meals get Delivered

We deliver your meals to your door step every Monday morning .We work with each of our members to schedule a delivery time or drop off location that works best for you. 

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Choose your Plan

Lean Plan

Our Lean Plan was perfected for any of our clients looking to lose weight, and maintain muscle mass with Low carbs, Lean Proteins, and Healthy Veggies.  These meals average 400 Cal per meal and are a great staple in a 1200-1600 cal diet. 

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Traditional Plan

Any athlete or professional looking to enjoy amazing meals, Moderate macros.  For anyone looking to maintain a health diet program.  These meals average 600 Cal per meal and are a great staple in a 2-3000 calorie diet. 

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Performance Plan

The performance plan is a great deal for any extremely active lifestyle.  This Macro dense meals are perfect for anyone pushing a 3-4000 Cal daily intake.  These meals average 850 Cal per meal.  

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